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Darla Dimple gets babysitted by Noel Vermillion while Myotismon and MagnaAngemon go to Dave and Busters to celebrate Ylgr's birthday.

Noel Vermillion


Myotismon: Darla Dimple, MagnaAngemon and I am going to Ylgr's birthday party at Dave and Busters. While we are out, we hired a babysitter to babysit you.

MagnaAngemon: So please behave at your babysitter while we are gone. If not, you will be grounded for double humanity.

Darla Dimple: Alright then. I will promise to behave.

Myotismon: Good! We'll be back when the party is over.

MagnaAngemon: OK. Sayonara. Have fun with your babysitter!

(Myotismon and MagnaAngemon leave as Darla Dimple is left in the living room alone)

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