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Ted (named Taka in the original Japanese version) is a character in Stitch!. He is one of Penny and Kenny's friends. He wears a cap and has orange hair. He is always bossed around by Penny. Also, he comes to Third Street School with his friends Penny, Kenny and Marvin as Third Street School students.

Voice: Paul


Father: Unknown father 

Mother: Unknown mother 

Friends: Kenny, Penny, Marvin, Earwin Lawson, Gelman, Conrad Mundy, Greg Skeens, Chucko Kowalski, Jocko, Buster, Cheay, Koreo, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob Murphy and Kurst the Worst 

Enemies: Miss Finster, Principal Prickly, TJ Detweiler, Vince LaSSao, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, Gus Griswald, Randall Weems and Menlo 

Likes: Going to fast food places, pineapples, football, competing with TJ and Vince, in sports such as kickball, dodgeball, baseball, karate, soccer and other sports, competing with TJ and the Gang, making fun of his enemies including TJ and his friends and causing trouble

Dislikes: Being grounded, his things getting stolen, being snitched on by Randall and getting punished 

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