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Princess Davidddizor
Princess Davidddizor is a user from Fan Fiction Wikia and GoAnipedia.
  • Likes: Sisters marrying brothers, shows, films, video games, CD-Roms, and music made by Warner Bros, Marvel, DC Comics, Adult Swim, DreamWorks, Comedy Central, Paramount and Nickelodeon just like AYBAYBAYDOG1, Pablo and Tyrone, making abysmal grounded videos out of non troublemakers such as the Save-Ums, spreading lies on the internet, Skippy Squirrel and Buster Bunny as Olivia's brothers, Wakko Warner and Yakko Warner as Minnie's brothers, Gumball and Darwin as Anais and Amy's brothers, Ding A Ling Wolf and Pajama Sam as Namine's brothers, Elroy Jetson and Timmy Turner as Alice's brothers, Augie Doggie and Chowder as Kilala Reno's brothers, spreading lies, putting fake, trash, garbage, rubbish, insulting, bullying, swearing and racist comments, making violent threat videos and killing videos out of innocent users, Bing Bong and Reggie as Selkie's brothers.
  • Dislikes: Being banned, wearing diapers, fruits and vegetables, Japanese food, getting beaten up by the Save-Ums, books that are not made by AYBAYBAYDOG1's favorite companies, Onegai My Melody, Tamagotchi, Disney, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Universal, Monica's Gang, Nintendo, Shimajirō, PBS Kids, good users, getting sent to 1940, 1940's, 1940's cartoons that were not made by AYBAYBAYDOG1's favorite companies, getting sent to countries she is sent to, Woody Woodpecker from 1940, Barney, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, The Lion Guard, The Lion King and Disney Broadway, Minami Luna deleting her account
  • Voiced by: Ivy (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Julie (LunaTheMagicalGirl and Sarah West's versions).
  • Birthday: June 16th.
  • Fate: First, Captured and burned by Minami Luna alongside Nights, Amigo and Billy Hatcher in Luna kills Princess Davidddizor/Ungrounded, And Last, Melted Into A Flesh With A Giant Beam By CardOfAnime102 And AnimeGamer1 For Hurting Gfourtx's Feelings In AnimeGamer1 And CardOfAnime102 Melts Princess Davidddizor Into A Flesh/Saving Gfourtx/Ungrounded