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(Brian is sitting at a diner. David walks over and sits in the seat next to Brian. For some reason, David has a sticky note stuck on his forehead)

Brian: Hey, David, what's on your forehead?

David: It's a "Post-Idiot". They're Post-Its that are stuck on idiots' foreheads to designate their level of stupidity. One's the most, unfortunately. 

Brian: Let me guess whose ridiculous idea that was. 

Evil Genius: It's a brilliant idea, dumbhead. 

Brian: Why is it brilliant?

Evil Genius: Because you walk through life not knowing who the idiots are! That gives them the element of surprise! And that's how they ruin your day!  

Brian: Oh, great. So now every single person in this diner can just avoid David and be happy? 

Evil Genius: Nope. Take a look around. 

(Brian looks around the diner and sees that all the customers have sticky notes stuck on their foreheads, and none of them are very happy about it)

Evil Genius: Unfortunately, I ran out of Post-Its. 

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