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Minako Season III

Minako Aino Is Knowned As Sailor Venus, She Is A Friendly And Athletic Teenage Girl, Who Has A Codename Sailor V, But Venus Obiously. She Has A White Cat That Has A Cresent, His Name Is Artemis.


Allies:Sailor Senshis, AnimeGirrll, Bloom, Jojo Siwa, Mamoru Chiba, Azura, Ike, Marth, Lyndis, Luna, Artemis, Pit, Lucina, Palutena, Sharptooth, Classified, And Etc.

Enemies:Amazon Quartet (Sometimes But They Become Allies), Koan, Berthier,Petz,Candelara

Toenail color: Yellow

Likes:Playing Pranks, Chasing After Idols, Video Games, Curry, Jokes, Physical Education, The Color Yellow And Red

Dislikes: Her Mom, Police Officers, Math, ELA Class, Shiitake, Nerds, Porn, Fire Alarms

Attacks In Sailor Moon

  • Cresent Beam
  • Cresent Beam Shower
  • Venus Love Me Chain
  • Venus Love Beauty Shock

Attacks In PGSM

  • Venus Love Me Chain
  • Rolling Heart Vibration

Attacks In Sailor Moon Crystal

  • Cresent Boomerang
  • Venus Love Me Chain
  • Rolling Heart Vibration
  • Venus Wink Chain Sword
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