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Marth Is A Fire Emblem Character From Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon And Blade Of Light, Who Wields His Divine Sword Called Falchion, He Has A Wife Named Caeda, And His Brother-In-Law Named Merric, He Serves As a

340px-Marth Altean Prince Face

Good User And Non Troublemaker.

In Goanimate Edit

  • Location: Altea, Archanea, The Lakeside (Homeland)
  • Allies: Azura, Ike, Kana, Sharptooth, Classified, Reggie, Bing Bong, Lucina, And Etc.
  • Enemies: The Save-Ums, Althea Andrea, The Shadow Dragon, Pennywise, And Etc.
  • Likes: Books and Movies In Percy Jackson Series, His Wife Caeda, His Fire Emblem Heroes Youtuber, Super Smash Bros. Series, Ike, Azura, PG-13 Movies such as Rampage (2018), And King Of Fighters Series
  • Dislikes: Althea Andrea, Moe And Joe or other troublemakers (Because They Kidnap Azura), Spiders, Natto (Fernmated Beans With Rice), Anime Shows (Sometimes), Spicy Foods, Not Following The Rules, Porn, And Fist Of The North Star (Because It's So Violent, Brutal, Bloody, And Vicious)
  • Monster form: Fire Dragon
  • Legendary Form: The Hero King
  • Final Smash: Critical Hit
  • First Appearance Game: Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon And Blade Of Light
  • Voice: Paul

In Legendary Hero Form Edit

340px-Marth Hero-King BtlFace C

Marth In Legendary Hero Form

Super Moves Edit

  • Shield Breaker
  • Counter
  • Dolphin Slash
  • Dancing Blade

Desperation Moves Edit

  • Super Dolphin Slash
  • Super Dancing Blade

Neo Super Edit

  • Critical Hit
  • Sacred Shield Breaker

In MUGEN And Super Smash Flash Move List Edit

  • Neutral Attack - Shield Breaker
  • Neutral Attack 2 - Storm Thrust
  • Neutral Attack 3 - Dashing Assault
  • Side Neutral - Dancing Blade
  • Side Neutral 2 - Effortless Blade
  • Side Neutral 3 - Heavy Blade
  • Up Neutral - Dolphin Slash
  • Up Neutral 2 - Cresent Slash
  • Up Neutral 3 - Dolphin Jump
  • Down Neutral - Counter
  • Down Counter 2 - Easy Counter
  • Down Counter 3 - Iai Counter
  • Final Smash - Critical Hit
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