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All about MargieEdit

  • Gender - Female
  • Personality - Normal
  • Species - Elephant
  • Birthday - January 28th (Aquarius)
  • Initial phrase - tootie
  • Initial clothes - Hot Spring Tee
  • Home request - A place full of clothes
  • Skill - Playing old maid
  • Goal - Pastry chef
  • Coffee - Blend,
  • None at all,
  • None at all
  • Style - Iconic
  • Favorite song - K.K. Bossa
  • Appearances - AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD, and Dōbutsu no Mori

How She looksEdit

Margie is a white elephant with her hands and feet having multiple colors. From bottom to top, the colors are light pink, dark pink, white, yellow, and red. She has yellow and orange hair, which is also on the tip of her ears. She has pink blush on her cheeks and blue eyes above slightly. Margie's initial shirt is a Hot Spring Shirt which she wears when she first gets into town. She resembles a parade/carnival elephant because of her colorful headdress and elaborate eyes. She has a slight resemblance to Tia, another elephant.

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