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Prince Lotor is a character and a antagonist from Voltron: Legendary Defenders that serves as a troublemaker liking anything porn. He also has a ? as a pet.

Info about him:Edit

  • Voice: David
  • Likes: Adult Swim, Comedy Central, porn, Rated R movies, Rated NC-17 movies, Rated TV-MA shows, laughing at monsters or monster children when they are crying, playboy magazines, strip clubs, smoking weed, etc.
  • Dislikes: Getting grounded, non pornographic stuff, anything not for adults, anything not made by Adult Swim and Comedy Central,
  • Grounders:

Lotor gets grounded seriesEdit

  1. Video:Lotor gets grounded for humanity
  2. Video:Lotor watches Motto to Love Ru/Doomed
  3. Video:Lotor sprays Suzukaze Aoba with Crybaby gas/Busted and Gets Beaten Up by Ragna the Bloodedge and Noel Vermillion
  4. Video:Lotor misbehaves at his babysitter/Doomed
  5. Video:Lotor calls Kaname Chidori a crybaby during Titanic/Beaten up by Indiana Jones and his friends
  6. Video:Lotor runs away/Doomed
  7. Video:Lotor gets grounded for ultraplex years
  8. Video:Lotor gets grounded for maximum ultraplex years
  9. Video:Lotor gets executed
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