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Little Kate Ashby

Little Kate Ashby is a troublemaker that likes anything Adult Swim, Comedy Central and porn. She also has an orca as a pet.

Info about her:Edit

  • Voice: Tween Girl
  • Likes: Adult Swim, Comedy Central, porn, Rated R movies, Rated NC-17 movies, Rated TV-MA shows, laughing at monsters or monster children when they are crying, playboy magazines, strip clubs, smoking weed, etc.
  • Dislikes: Getting grounded, non pornographic stuff, anything not for adults, anything not made by Adult Swim and Comedy Central, being forced to watch monster movies and shows with the monsters everyday, getting soaked with a monster or a monster child's tears, getting beaten up by any Lakeside monster, gross animal foods, monster video games, etc.
  • Grounders: Manny, Sid and Diego

Little Kate Ashby gets grounded series episodes:Edit

  1. Video:Little Kate Ashby misbehaves at her babysitter/Doomed
  2. Little Kate Ashby gets grounded for ultraplex years
  3. Little Kate Ashby gets grounded for maximum ultraplex years
  4. Little Kate Ashby gets executed
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