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Harry Farshew is an Austrailian murderer, terrorist, jihadist and bad user. He also has a crocodile as a pet.

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Likes: Killing people, porn, making fake vhs openings

Dislikes: Slippy V, MrEmperorCJ, Star Girl, non-porn, his teachers


Ironhide - Killed him with a shotgun

Jazz - Killed him with a shotgun

Madame Gazelle - Killed her with a shotgun (revived by Miss Foxstar)

Slippy V's 2 dogs - Killed him with a shotgun (First dog), Killed him with a knife (Second dog)

Taylor Hayes - Killed her by microwaving her, killing her. (Taylor herself was revived by Pulsar Pureheart, Beta Blackheart and Chiaotzu)

Twilight Sparkle - Killed her by throwing a butcher knife at her. (She was revived by Sunset Shimmer)

Ed Gould - Sliced him in half

Joltik - Crushed him (revived by Sid the Spelling Cyborg)

Marvin the Paranoid Android - killed him by placing him in a electric pole, destroying him. (Marvin himself was revived by Joltik and Foxy)

Female Kana - Shoved her into the gas chamber

Nah - Shoved her into the gas chamber

Tiki - Shoved her into the gas chamber

Himawari - Shoved her into the gas chamber

Nowi - Shoved her into the gas chamber

Shaggy - Chopped his head off

Daphne - Stabbed her to death

Velma - Stabbed her to death at a field trip

Fred - Pushed him off the school balcony

Scooby Doo - Stabbed him (Revived)

Ash Ketchum - Killed him at the library (Revived)

Brock - Killed him at a field trip (Revived)

Ben Tennyson - Grinded him in engineering class

Leo - Ripped his head off

Andre - Pushed him off the roof

Jason - Sliced him

Jeffery - Pushed him into a meat grinder

Rosie - Shot her, sending her falling off the roof

Caillou - Shot him with an AK 47

Larry the Cucumber - Eaten him

Grandpa Max - Stabbed him to death with a knife

Gwen Tennyson - Shot her head with a death taser

Zooboomafoo - Eaten him

Total 230 people==Trivia==

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