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Green ProDuctions 
(or known as ThomasTheTankFTW TwilightSpaklesSUCKS or Felixthecatfan3341) is a Neutral user


He was a good user at 3/12/14, then, at 6/14/14, he decided to be a Bad user. now he is a Neutral User, but nobody is respecting him but Optimus500050, Ryanbugsbunny Robox, and av591iad1.

Voice: Kidaroo 3/12/14-8/30/14 Microsoft Sam 8/30/14- 6/21/15

Allies: Optimus500050, Ryanbugsbunny,bumblebee91comedianswell, and av591iad1

Enemies: Mrlegofan10

Likes: Felix the Cat, Thomas the Train, Family Guy, The Amazing world of Gumball, The SImpsons, Pingu, Duck Dynasty, Flash, Mickey Mouse, Big Hero 6, Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Hungry Pumkin, Steven Universe.

Dislikes: Barney, Dora, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Caillou,  Rastamouse, Mike The Knight, Tree Fu Tom


  • He made a grounded video out of himself
  • He is a VILLAN in Awesomeahdriehl the movie


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