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Goanimate V3 Wiki

Welcome to GoAnimatePedia, This is a site where you can add anything related to GoAnimate. The reason why i made this is because we need official information


If the rule is broken, Blocked
Spam, Harassment, Vandalism 1st offense: 1 Week Block, continues by adding 1 week
False Information 1 Month Ban, continues by adding 1 month
Sockpuppeting Dead Meat
Nothing related 1 Year Ban, keeps on going by adding 1 Week
Vandalism (Removing Content from Peoples Profiles) 6 Months, Keeps on adding by 2 Weeks
Intimidating Behavior/Harassment (Harassing other users, posting harassing and/or threatening messages on profiles, etc.) 3 weeks Ban: Keeps on adding by 1 Week
Offending religion Dead meat
Flame wars 1 Year Ban
Huge Vandalism 3 Year Ban
Content removal 8 week ban
Cursing 1 Hour Ban
Strangers 30 minute ban

Admin Rules

If the rule is broken Banned
Blocking people for no reason 1 month Suspension
Removing content Permanent Suspension
Offending religion Dead meat
Harrasment 5 Week ban