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Handy Manny?! what?! more like Lazy Lammy! oh my god! this show sucks! this show involves a stupid looking construction named Manny, who has tools that needs to shut the hell up!, and they like to go on failure adventures together!, Manny is stupid, if you ask him is the earth round or flat?, he would say the earth is flat, well, he is wrong, the earth is round, not flat, Kelly does not know how to be a smart girl, Mr Lopart is a clumsy crap hole, he always has bad things, ha ha, he deserves it, and the Tools, well, know one gives a sh*t about them, not 6. 9. 26. 17. 50. 2. 3. 4. 8. 1. 4. 13. 15, 87, not even 10000000, or 11, this show was a huge Rip-Off of Bob The Builder, which was bad enough, the animation is awful, the stories are lame, the voices are stupid, and the characters are Assholes, do you know who likes it?, VTM On YT, A.K.A Vince The Sesame Street Fan Est 2000, but i respect his opinion on it, do you know who hates this show?, Dusty Crophopper from Planes, i bet he would slice up Manny with his propeller, so screw Handy Manny, and screw Bob The Builder, Destroy Build Destroy is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than Handy Manny & Bob The Builder, End of rant.