• [Fanny Fox is playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Retsuko's Xbox One.]
  • Fanny Fox: Come on zombies, die! Die! (X10)
  • Fanny Fox: What, I died?!
  • [Fanny Fox screamed and cried as she quickly runs over to the Xbox One and grabs it quickly.]
  • Fanny Fox: STUPID XBOX ONE!!!!
  • [Fanny Fox threw the Xbox One from the 3rd story balcony, destroying it.]
  • Retsuko: Well, the cupcakes aren't done yet.
  • Fanny Fox:
  • Retsuko: [980% louder] Let me tell you what happened Mason Saitō!! You're girlfriend Fanny Fox decided that she was going to throw my Xbox One off the 3rd story balcony of my 3 story house!! And why would she do that?!!
  • Mason Saitō: I don't know