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Erika Dawson is a sister of Zara Dawson and Annabelle. She became a good user when Azura sings her song to snap Erika Dawson out of being a bad user.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Erika's powers are the same as Zara and Annebelle.

  • Flight: Erika has the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. She can also levitate. Erika can also carry others while flying. Like Zara, Erika leaves a green trail.
  • Super Speed: Erika can move at super speeds.
  • Super Senses: Erika has super senses when someone is in trouble.
  • Heat Vision: Erika can shoot heat beams from her eyes.
  • Laser Vision: Erika can shoot laser beams from her eyes. Her laser beam color is green like Zara
  • Super Strength: Erika can lift heavy objects.
  • Werecat form:


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