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Elucia de Lute Ima
Elucia is a character who is from The World Only God Knows.

Physical appearance:Edit

Elsie has long, dark hair that is frequently kept in a ponytail and becomes wavy when loosened. Similar to many Runaway Spirit Squad members, she is almost always equipped with a hagoromo — a multi-purpose raiment that serves as the primary tool of the Runaway Spirit Squad, a runaway spirit sensor (usually on her head), and a contract collar on her neck.

At home or outside (Lakeside area), Elsie wears a short, violet kimono complemented by lavender thigh-high socks and wooden sandals. Sometimes, she loves exposing her bare feet with five toes as her toenails are painted pink (sometimes lavender or black) while showing her bare soles and wiggling her five toes. She also loves playing with her bare feet and her five toes as she likes to have her bare feet and five toes tickled.

When at school, she wears the standard Mai-High uniform for girls, along with pink thigh-high socks.


  • Voice: Ivy
  • Allies: Bing Bong, Reggie, Classified, Sharptooth, Chanticleer, Aslan, Freddy Ferret, Cyber Woo, Soren, Ray the Firefly,
  • Enemies: Arisa Ahokainen (Formely), Desti (SMG4) (Formely),
  • Likes: Painting with her feet and toes, getting tickled on her feet,
  • Dislikes: When her Father being Strict to her, Porn,
  • Favorite toenail color: Pink, Purple, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange
  • Monster form: Poison Wyvern


Roars (Monster form): 

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