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E-123 Omega is a fictional robot from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is considered a spiritual successor to E-102 Gamma who is part of the same robotics production line in the series. He was created by Dr. Eggman as the last and most powerful E-Series robot, and is out to eliminate him due to harsh mistreatment and lust for revenge.

Sonicchannel omega nocircle

Omega as he appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Goanimate

Omega was created by Takashi Iizuka and designed and modeled by Nobuhiko Honda at Sonic Team USA. Omega has helped Shadow (and to a lesser extent, Rouge) in several games and while not being a major character, is popular enough in his own right and has established himself as a main character.

In Goanimate, he is a good user and one of Sonic's friends.

  • Voice: Robot
  • Dislikes: Doctor Eggman, Badniks, Mephiles the Dark, Infinite, Being thought of in any way as weak
  • Singing voice: VY2 and Cyber Songman (with robot effects)


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