Dora is one of the main troublemakers in GoAnimate, and is also the girlfriend (or sometimes best friend) of Caillou.


Her in GoAnimate


Age: 7

Voice: Kayla, then Kendra and currently Julie and sometimes Jill

Likes: Paramount and Nickelodeon, fruits and vegetables, Fake VHS openings, Pepsi beverages and Captain Crunch cereals

Dislikes: Sarah West, Woody Woodpecker, Disney, FUNimation, Viz Media, Pretty Cure, getting sent to bed early, Good Users, getting grounded, Shimajirō and Warner Bros.

Fate: Jumped off a building in London, United Kingdom into a bone breaking death to avoid capture by the London Metropolitan Police.

1351271804 dora 11HR

Dora, as she appears in her original series


  • She is Sarah West's major enemy