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Daphne Blake Babysits Milo.png

Daphne: Hey Milo.

Milo: Who is This?

Daphne: I'm Daphne Blake and I've Come to Babysit You After I'm Retired from Mystery Inc.

Milo: Sure.

Daphne: Just Thought I'd Look After You.

Milo: What Happen to Fred?

Daphne: He is a Disgraceful Guy after what he did to Lilly.

Milo: Uh...

Daphne: You Okay? (She takes her shoes off)

Milo: Yeah, I'm Fine.

Daphne: You Sure? (She takes her lance Off)

Milo: I Don't Know.

Daphne: (her feet revealed itself) I'll Take That as a No.

Milo: No? I'm Okay.

Daphne: You Sure? are You Looking at my Feet?

Milo: Kinda.

Daphne: Well It's Okay to look at.

Milo: Yeah I Hope I Don’t mind if I use your feet as pillows.

Daphne: Not at all.

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