Dallas' mom-Catherine


Hino is a troublemaker.


Dallas: Oh my God! Hino, how dare you get me in trouble?!

Hino: Look, Aida is my girlfriend, not yours!

Dallas: I have the right to steal people's girlfriends, including yours!

Hino: No! That kind of act can get you arrested!

Dallas: Let's see how you like it!

(Dallas punches Hino's nose 12 times and the action is censored)

Hino: Please, stop! Stop punching my nose! You're hurting me!

(Hino now has a nosebleed and is tearing up)

Mike: What's wrong Hino? Why are you crying?

Hino: Dad, Dallas kept on punching me in the nose and he gave me a nosebleed!

Mike: And you deserve it! You deserve to be beaten up by Dallas! 

Hino: Dad, stop disrespecting my sadness!

Mike: I'm sorry but I have the right to disrespect your sadness! Get inside and go to your room now!

(Hino runs inside crying in Mads' voice, Danish)

Mike: Thank you for giving my son a nosebleed. You can go home now.

(at home)

Dallas' mom: Dallas, thank you for giving Hino Lambert a nosebleed. You know we hate him. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.

Dallas: Thanks Mom. You're the best.