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Cookie Monster is a blue monster and a character Sesame Street. In GoAnimate, he seems to always claims that he likes everyone, and is loved by everybody. However, in reality, Cookie Monster is immaturely hated by both the "good users", and the "bad users", simply because "it's a baby show".

Voice: Scary Voice 

Father: Unknown father (Mr Cookie Monster) 

Mother: Unknown mother (Mr Cookie Monster) 

Friends: Grover, Herry, Elmo, Big Bird and Barney

Likes: Hanging out with his friends especially Barney, cookies, going to any restaurants, singing C is for Cookie, singing Barney's I Love You Song, video games and going to Japan 

Dislikes: Being grounded, getting his show cancelled, Yo Gabba Gabba and moving day 

Stick figure cookie monster


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