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Classified is one of the agent team along with Eva and Coropal in The Penguins Of Madagascar. However, in Goanimate; he is a good user and has Reggie (Free Birds), Lucina, Sharptooth and Bing Bong as his friends. He is the counterpart of Fangface and Nick Wilde.

Voice: Professor

Relationships: Wolfrun (Father), Bianca (Sheep and Wolves) (Mother)


Classified is a very slender Eurasian wolf with wide cheeks and short legs. He also has a long torso, and teal-blue eyes. His pelt color is gray, with a white underbelly and four white socks. He also has very wide eyebrows, and always wears a utility belt around his lower stomach

Jet Jaguar Roar Showa

MUGEN and Super Smash Flash 2 move list:Edit

  • Neutral attack - Super Howl
  • Neutral attack 2 - Quill shooting
  • Neutral attack 3 - Dropkick
  • Side neutral - Bite
  • Side neutral 2 - Flying Tackle
  • Side neutral 3 - Headbutt
  • Up neutral - Moon Somersault
  • Up neutral 2 - Somersault
  • Up neutral 3 - Backflip
  • Down neutral - Rock Climb
  • Down neutral 2 - Pounce
  • Down neutral 3 - Stealth Rock
  • Final smash - Deadly night howl
  • Up Throw - Classified does the same move like Giffany's up throw, but rather 200 ft instead of 100 ft
  • Side Throw - Classified bites his enemy while holding them
  • Down Throw - Classified pins the enemy into the ground and jumps on them to punch him/her


  • Roll Light calls Classified, Sharptooth, and Cyber Woo as the names of George, Lizzie, and Ralph.


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