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Clara Iwata (formerly Clara Brook) is a young 6 year old British girl. She was orphaned after Scar and the Hyenas from The Lion King murdered her two 10 year old brothers Nathaniel and Daniel and their parents. She and her twin sister her age Daisy appeared in Joshua and Jackson misbehave at Quiznos.


  • Date of Birth: July 14, 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6
  • Nationality: British
  • Voice: Ivy
  • Angry Voice: Kidaroo and sometimes Princess
  • Furious Voice: Scary Voice
  • Sad Voice: Ivy
  • Singing Voice: Gumi
  • Ticklish Spot: Her feet
  • Worship Spot: Her feet
  • Toenail Color: Pink
  • Likes: Her adoptive family and friends, Disney movies and shows, fruits and vegetables, her feet being worshipped, Japanese food, Japanese holidays, , Disney Broadway, comforting Kirinta Kusano, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Tokyo, Pretty Cure, sleeping with Senichi Nozawa, Sarah West, Weatherstar4000video, Nintendo games, Sailor Moon and An American Tail.
  • Dislikes: SallyJones1998, Warren Cook, Ally, Coin Bro, Cash Bro, Storm Bro, Fie Bro, Baseball Bro, Rookie, Dark Bowser, Hammer Bro Nick Jr., porn movies and shows, R rated movies, NC-17 rated movies, Princess Davidddizor, Davidddizor, troublemakers tickle torturing her, troublemakers bullying her friends and family
  • Personality: Kind, brave, warmhearted, peaceful, kindhearted, protective and loyal
  • Love Interest: Kazuo Iwata (Boyfriend then later husband)


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