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  • Casey Kelp

    Casey Kelp in her human form

  • Lala

    Casey Kelp's true form

  • Biollante

    Casey Kelp as a Leviathan

Casey Kelp is the child of Iris (Megaman X4) in which she is a good user and has the powers from Sting Chameleon.

Voice: Julie (human form), Kimberly (true form), Scary Voice (leviathan form)

Favorite toenail color: Sapphire Blue and Hot Pink

Pokemon she has:Edit

  • Mr. Mosquito - Buzzwole
  • Blaino - Voltorb
  • Maid Marian - Delphox (Female)
  • AZ - Starly (Male)
  • Croc - Krookodile (Male)


  • Chameleon Blend - Being based on a monster, she can camouflage herself and vanish into her surroundings.
  • Chameleon Sting - Casey Kelp launches metallic darts from her tail. When Mega Man X copies his data, he fires a three-way laser rather than darts.
  • Iron Tongue - Casey Kelp uses her tongue like a whip to lash opponents. She can also use it to anchor herself to the ceiling of her boss-room and shake spikes loose that will fall upon X.


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