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Caillou: I finally made a YouTube account called Caillourules1999.

(Boris comes in Caillou's room)

Boris: Caillou,what did you do this time?

Caillou: I made another YouTube account.

Boris: Caillou,how dare you make another YouTube account! You know you can not make anymore YouTube accounts! That's it! You are grounded for 34 years! Now I am closing your YouTube account.

(Boris goes to Caillou's computer)

Boris: There. Your YouTube account is closed. Now I am going to call in the visitors.

(24 minutes later)

Boris: Caillou,you have 2 visitors here to see you.

Mr dike: I am Mr dike,and I am extremely disappointed at you for making another YouTube account.

Mrs martian: I am Mrs martian,Caillou,you will be having detention for 12 months for beating up students.

Mr dike: As for your punishment,you will be forced to watch The loud house,classic pokemon,the original Ben 10,Bunnicula,Total drama,and other shows.

Mrs Martian: And also,you will watch live action shows like Out of jimmy's head,100 things before high school,Victorious,Drake and Josh,and other live action shows.

Boris: And Caillou,I have something for you.

Caillou: Oh boy! What is it?

Boris: I got you some movies,tv shows,and video games that you hate. I got you The loud house season 1 on DVD,Mario kart 8 for the Wii u,Zootopia on DVD,Inside out on DVD,The incredibles on DVD,Moana on DVD,Digimon season 1 to 5 on DVD,Pokemon x for the 3ds,Pokemon sun for the 3ds,Rio 1 and 2 on DVD,My pony friendship is magic season 3 on DVD,Steven universe on DVD,The secret life of pets on DVD,Splatoon on Wii u,Super Mario 3d world on Wii u,Sonic boom: Fire and ice on 3ds,Sonic lost world on Wii u,Kid Icarus uprising on 3ds,Super smash bros for the Wii u,Sonic mania on the Nintendo switch,Kirby triple deluxe on 3ds,Kirby's return to dreamland for the Wii,Pokemon battle revolution for the Wii,Yo kai watch for the 3ds,and Sonic colors for the Wii. These are the only things you can watch and play for now on.

Boris: Normally I would say go to your room,but I have to say this: start watching those shows and movies ,and play these video games. Or else you are grounded even more!

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