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Caillou is a former troublemaker used in Go!Animate Grounded Videos, and appears as the main protagonist/antagonist of the cancelled Caillou Gets Grounded series of videos.

AGK Caillou

Caillou in the original series

Information about Caillou Edit

Age: 26 (Born on 09/15/93)

Height: 3'2

Personality: Good

Status: Alive

Weight: 40 lbs

Likes: MrEmperorCJ, Diego, Lily, Gina (girlfriend), Rosie, playing piano, etc

Dislikes: Evil Caillou, Future Scooby Doo, Future Shaggy, Little Bill, evil people, etc


OfficerToot9684's Caillou

Voice: David (blocked) Joey (current), Ivy (formerly), Brian (used sometimes), Jennifer (uolliac)

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