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Bobby J. Bear (JP last name: Kumanoff) is Patty Rabbit's boyfriend and one of the main characters in the original Maple Town anime. He is 9 years old. He is also the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Bear (JP: Nicolai and Natasha), who both run the Maple Town General Store. He has three younger brothers named Billy (JP: Kin), Buddy (JP: Kun) (who was featured as the only brother in North American merchandising), and Bertie Bear (JP: Ken). In some English material, he also has a 3-year-old sister named Bonny. In his debut appearance "Welcome to Maple Town", he meets Patty Rabbit for the first time once the latter arrived to Maple Town via train and the two later become friends/boyfriend and girlfriend by the end of the episode after being able to retrieve the mailbag from Wilde Wolf.


Bobby is a brown bear with a sand-colored muzzle. He wears a red and white striped shirt overlapped by blue overalls with lighter blue buttons. He wears orange-brown shoes. However, some merchandising and promotional artwork have him barefoot.

There are more red and white stripes on his shirt in his toy version and are thinner. Like Patty Rabbit, his head and muzzle are slightly rounder. Also, his inner ears are brown instead of tan.

In the Maple Town Stories movie, he is seen wearing yellow-green overalls and wears a straw hat in the first scene.

  • His middle initial "J" in the English dub was revealed in "Teacher, Please Don't Go!".
  • He and Patty Rabbit make a cameo in Hamtaro as masks for the summer festival.
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