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Bing Bong

Bing Bong is mostly cotton candy with part cat, elephant, and dolphin in Inside Out. He is a good user and has a strong relationship with Reggie (Free Birds), Classified, Sharptooth, and Lucina.

  • Relationships: Mrs. Jumbo (Mother), Tantor (Father), Tika the elephant (Daughter)
  • Voice: Steven
  • Fate: Sacrifices himself to help Joy get back to Headquarters (But got revived by Young Azura in Young Azura discovers Bing Bong)


Bing Bong is a Pink cotton candy nougat-filled cat-elephant-dolphin hybrid, with green eyes, clown-like lips, rounded teeth, porkpie hat, purple bow tie with pink polka dots, orange striped legs, brown jacket, matching fingerless gloves

Anguirus Roar Showa

Gender: Male


Bing Bong became stone after he sacrificed himself to help Joy get back to Headquarters. He got revived by the strike of lightning bolts after he got discovered by Azura. Bing Bong is the first monster to be discovered

MUGEN and Super Smash Flash 2 move list:Edit

  • Neutral attack - Heart bubble blow
  • Neutral attack 2 - Trunk Spray
  • Neutral attack 3 - Magnitude
  • Side neutral - Rollout
  • Side neutral 2 - Slam
  • Side neutral 3 - Torrent Lariat
  • Up neutral - Rainbow flyer
  • Up neutral 2 - Jump press
  • Up neutral 3 - Flying slam
  • Down neutral - Spinning kick
  • Down neutral 2 - Earthquake
  • Down neutral 3 - Pinpoint kick
  • Hyper Smash attack - Heart Bubble blast: Bing Bong emits big heart bubbles that will cause 4- 34% damage depending how big they are
  • Final smash - Heart bubble blow storm: Blow a heart bubble beam from your nose to catch your enemies. Anyone who gets caught in a heart bubble beam will get trapped in a big heart bubble and take damage as candy will rain down for Bing Bong to restore his health.
  • Up throw - Super Arm: Pick up your opponent and throw them.
  • Side throw - Prehensile Trunk: Choke or strangle opponents with your trunk.
  • Down throw - Quick Stamping: Bing Bong stomps on top of the target several times in quick succession.
  • Weakness -
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