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Aya Fredricksen (アヤ・フレドリクセン) is the female protagonist in Pixar's Up. She is Carl and Ellie's daughter who is known for her singing voice. Later on, she now has Asuna Yuuki and Kirito Kiragaya as her parents after leaving Paradise Falls to live at The Lakeside.

  • Voice: Emma
  • Likes: Her house, her family, moving on her life with her parents, singing, hanging out with her friends at various places, dancing, roller skating, chatting, girly stuff, Female Kana painting her nails pink,
  • Dislikes: Being annoyed, slowness, interruption, troublemakers tickle torturing her
  • Singing voice: GUMI
  • Enemies: Charles Muntz, Construction Worker Steve, Smoke (rival)
  • Relatives: Carl Fredricksen (father, formerly), Ellie Fredricksen (mother, formerly), Kirito Kiragaya (Father, currently), Asuna Yuuki (Mother, currently)
  • Ticklish spot: Her feet
  • Neutral ticklish spot: Her belly, navel and armpits
  • Less ticklish spot: Her neck
  • Favorite toenail color: Pink
  • Monster form: Plasma Werewolf


Aya was born and raised by Carl and Ellie in Paradise Falls, where she dreamed of becoming a pop star.

For Aya's timeline, see here.


Aya is a young, pale-skinned, adult girl with golden brown hair and green eyes. When she's not singing in the concert, she's usually seen in what appears to be a school uniform attire, consisting of a white dress, yellow tie and a pink overcoat. If she has to sing in a concert, Aya will wear a white popstar dress and a pink overcoat with a pink tie on it.


Aya is quiet, lonely, innocent, friendly, clumsy, smart, kind, loving, brave and caring just like her father. She gets sad whenever her mother dies.

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