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Autumn Johnson is a 5 year old girl with blond curly hair who loves barney and friends and is the adopted daughter of birdman2k5 , which basically mean birdman2k5 is her guardian . she is the youngest in the birdman2k5 house hold while birdman2k5 himself is the oldest . everyone in that house is always mean to her . birdman2k5 often abuses her , Clifford always threatens to step on her , Cleo always joins in with birdman2k5 to abuse her , t bone always shoves tummy yummies down her throat , shackelford always blames her for everything ( example , in one autumn gets grounded video Rodrigo burns down the house to get autumn grounded and then everyone blames autumn with shackelford being first even though all 7 of them saw that it was Rodrigo but blamed autumn for no reason other than the fact that they just downright hate her ) , Dorothy is never supportive of her , dirk will often knock her off of stuff , and Rodrigo will often bully her . despite them being her guardian she calls birdman2k5 and Cleo " mommy and daddy " .

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