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Aoi In Blue Torte Coord

Aoi Is A Character From Aikatsu, She Is A Student In Starlight Academy, Her Preferred Brand Is Futuring Girl, And Her Unit Is Soleil, Her Stage Is Blue. She Serves As A Good User

In Goanimate Edit

  • Seiyu:Azusa Tadokoro
  • Singer:Fūri From STAR☆ANIS
  • Preferred Brand:Futuring Girl
  • Voice:Kate
  • Zodiac:Aquarius
  • Likes:Stars, Idols
  • Dislikes:Spicy Food, Porn
  • Favorite Food:Sandwich
  • Allies:Ichigo Hoshimiya, Ran Shibuki, Otome Arisugawa, Yurika Todou, Sakura Kitaoji, Kaede Ichinose, Akari Ozora, Mizuki Kanzaki, Mikuru Natsuki, Ike, Azura, Bing Bong, Lucina And Etc.
  • Enemies:All The Troublemakers
  • Toenails:Blue With Galaxy Stars
  • First Anime Show Appearance:Aikatsu
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