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Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Zack and Paul are at the diner. Suddenly, they hear a polka ringtone coming from a lady's phone. The lady picks it up and answers it)

Zack: Why do people insist on having annoying ringtones?

Paul: I don't know, but what can you do about it?

Zack: You could out-annoy them, say, with a heavy metal ringtone.

Paul: A heavy metal ringtone? How is that going to out-annoy them?

Zack: Well, something even more annoying than the sound of heavy metal is the sound of a belching man scraping his nails across a chalkboard while riding a souped-up motorcycle...or something like that.

(Suddenly, a very loud heavy metal ringtone comes from Zack's phone. He picks it up and answers it)

Zack: Pardon me. I have a call.

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