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Annet Myer in her Lakeside outfit

  • Falcon

    Annet Myer as a Falcon

Annet Myer is a green haired girl from Earnest Evans, El Viento, and Annet Again. In Goanimate, she is a good user and has the ability to transform into a falcon if necessary. She also has a Loon as a pet. She is revealed to have Patchy the Pirate's no voice.

  • Becky

    Annet Myer's pet Loon bird Becky

Voice: Julie

Likes: Wearing her pink dress, painting her fingernails and toenails pink

Dislikes: Porn, Nick and Perry tickling her feet into pocket money, Playboy Magazines, R-rated and NC-17 movies

First Appearance: Charlie and Lola calls Annet Myer's child (Roll Light) stupid/grounded along with Roll Light

Fate: Bitten to death by Geon the crocodile monster along with Maria Posada in YankieDude5000, the King Of The Monsters, and the girls tickle Sarah West (But got revived by Bing Bong and Reggie)

Favorite toenail color: Pink, Green

Pokemon she has Edit

  • Lilligant - Nickname: Saria
  • Noctowl - Nickname: Soren
  • Unfezant (Female) - Nickname: Becky
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