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Capt Brad
Angry Ranger is a fictional comic, turned internet and Goanimate series created by Lawson. It is just Captain "Brad" Bradley when he does something stupid or when he is angry. Lawson originally made Angry Ranger to be a comic book, and then made it into an animated series. When Captain Brad sees Angry Ranger. He realised that Angry Ranger is him. Furious at this, he gets angry at Lawson who is responsible of creating Angry Ranger based on him. It is to be noted that the Angry Ranger character seemed to have at least a bit more common sense than the man he originated from, Captain Brad, as while angered at the headline of a newspaper (You Suck, Angry Ranger), he accurately stated that that was an opinion and not news, something that Captain Brad would not have deduced. Lawson and his friends continue making episodes of it, although under the condition that it is semi-based on events in real life.

Voice: Steven

Father: Unknown father

Mother: Unknown mother

Friends: TJ Detweiler, Vince LaSSao, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, Gus Griswald, Randall Weems, Menlo, Miss Finster, Principal Prickly, Miss Grotke, the Ashleys, Scribe Kid, Jordan and Jerome, King Bob and other good Third Street School students 

Enemies: Earwin Lawson, Gelman, Conrad Mundy, Greg Skeens, Sue Bob Murphy, Lazy Kid, Chucko Kowalski, Jocko, Buster, Cheay, Koreo and Kurst the Worst 

Likes: Obedience, rules, leading his fellow Safety Rangers, telling students in the playground what to do, peace and quiet and reading newspapers

Dislikes: Disobedience, maggots, insults in newspapers, being sprayed by ketchup bottles, blowing up the Safety Ranger Headquarters, being fired by Lieutenant Griswald, soldiers failing him, troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Lawson), being framed by troublemakers and being disrespected by troublemakers (mainly Lawson)


This character is based on Captain Brad

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